Bar repetition symbol not correctly displayed on standard notation (PC)

• Sep 22, 2020 - 14:54


I'm trying to write a score using guitar tabs+standard notation.
At some point in the score I need to enter the symbol that represents the repetition of the previous bar. That works fine in the tab, but in the standard notation the symbol just overlaps the rests, it doesn't replace them.
I've tried different things, but I can't get rid of the rests.
Please, see the screen attached.

Thank you

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repetition layout issue.JPG 19.37 KB


Make sure to use the single measure repeat from the "Repeats & Jumps" palette to have a functional symbol. The one from the master palette is just a graphic symbol without meaning.

Multimeasure repeats aren't currently supported, but being worked on as part of a GSoC project to be included in MS4. So for those you'll have to resort to using the symbols and hiding rests (or notation in case of playback).

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