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• Sep 24, 2020 - 23:56

I'm working on some backing tracks for a song and I have the vocal part that I'm using as the basis. The sheet music has a DC at the end of the 2nd ending, but the flow doesn't happen as it should. Song starts, goes to the first ending, repeats to the beginning. When we get to the 2nd ending, the DS takes us to the sign, but when we get back to the 1st ending the song takes the 1st ending again, when it should go to the 3rd ending.

How should I have configured this to get it to work correctly? Song attached. I jacked up the tempo just so it would run through quickly to test.


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Be aware that you can use the play panel to temporarily override the tempo for tests such as these (speed up to 300%)

First: uncheck "play repeats" for the D.S. marking as you obviously don't want it to do so.

Next: it is important to understand that a Jump (such as the D.S.) in itself does not mean number of previous repeats + 1. If play repeats is checked, it means start from the earliest repeat in which the segno is present (which in this case was repeat 1). If play repeats is not checked, it means "play the last repeat".

Now according to standard notation the last repeat is the highest repeat number possible, not accounting for jumps. So it only looks at repeat barlines and their count. As you only have a single end-repeat barline at the end of volta one pairing up with the start repeat at the start of the score, the maximum number of repeats is 2.
And a volta meant to play on repeat 3 thus will be skipped when jumping back and playing that last repeat (number 2).

1. Replace the D.S. with a D.S. al Coda
2. Add a To Coda to m31
3. Add a Coda to m34
4. Remove the volta 3
5. Select the first chord of m34 and turn of "play" for it (as this is basically the end of the tied note).
Optionally add grace chord before and tie that in for the visual effect.

Workaround to maintain current visuals:
1. Double click the D.S. al Coda to change its text, make it read "D.S." again
2. Select the To Coda and Coda and mark them invisible
3. Add a plain text line where volta3 was and adjust style settings to match those of a volta.
4. If you've used the grace note trick before, slightly adjust their position to the left as well as give the main chord segment a negative leading space to show a bit longer ties without displacing the main note.

See attached.

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Wow, there's so much meat in that post! You've answered all my questions, taught me a few things, and even answered a couple questions I had that I didn't mention. Thank you!! Works like a champ now. :)

One more question, I seem to have problems with the expanded sheet music getting to take repeats as it should. I find myself having to toggle the 'Play Repeats' button a few times as I'm working to get the music to flow as it should. Any thoughts or advice on what causes the Play Repeats to fail? I've attached the expanded score for reference. (Excuses: I don't play piano, it's a work in progress, I'm new here, etc. etc. etc.)

Thank you again for your help!!

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If by "expanded" you mean using "continuous view", then yes, 3.5.0 has a bug that disables repeat playback in that view mode. Switch back to one of the page view modes and toggle the play repeats button to re-enable them.
The fix has been implemented for the upcoming 3.5.1 version.

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