Piano Roll Editor and short scores

• Sep 25, 2020 - 16:32

In many cases, when a score has only a few measures, and we open the Piano Roll Editor (PRE), and the current width of the PRE window is greater than needed for the number of measures in the score, the measures of the score will be centered in the PRE window.

That is all very aesthetic, but it results in the measures not being properly aligned with the measure numbers on the scale in the PRE window.

It would probably be best to always align a set of measures that do not fill the available width of the PRE window to the left of the PRE window.

I also find it annoying that, when opening the PRE on a longer score, the score is initially scrolled to its end in the PRE window. I would think that the normal state when opening the PRE sould be for the beginning of the score to be visible.

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Select a note and press play (or space bar key). The score + Piano roll starts at that note...
But yes I think the piano roll is not very developed (in comparison to Logics Piano roll for ex). The zoom could be a lot bigger in both ways and I would like to use the same tools (key commands) as in the score editor (deleting notes etc)

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