Idea for a quick access right-click menu

• Oct 7, 2020 - 14:41

The image attached is my sketches of a quick access right click menu that i think would fit MuseScore pretty well. I call this an "Option Wheel". This feature can be found in some graphic softwares (Blender and Maya for example), and allows the users to quickly perform operations to a selection.

In current versions of MuseScore, basic tasks such as adding ornaments to a note, or changing the appearance of a tremolo have to be performed using either the palette panel or the inspector panel. Although keyboard shortcut for these basic tasks do exist, most MuseScore users that I know aren't aware of them (or at least not all of them) and they still need to go to the palette panel searching for a, say, accent symbol.

This feature could make it faster for the users to add ornaments etc. or to change the configuration of an element. Users could right click and hold on an element and drag to the option they want. After familiarization, users could use their muscle memory to operate the menus (all they need to do is hold and drag to a certain direction). On a trackpad, this could also be performed by right clicking on the element and then clicking on the option. It would be a good idea to have the keyboard shortcut written on the options as well, since some users may prefer using the shortcuts and in which case, the wheel becomes a learning tool.

The alternate design is the same as the design in Autodesk Maya. Options are displayed as buttons that appear around the cursor. This acts the same way as the wheel, but probably looks less 2010s and takes up less space.

It would also be a good idea to keep the original right click menu an option for users that prefer it, although the traditional right click menu can be opened from the wheel itself.

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