Option to change panel color and hide panel handle

• Oct 17, 2020 - 15:51

Can we have an option for changing the panel color? Also hiding the panel handle?

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Don't think you can hide handles as they are the visible element that lets you drag the toolbars around. There are some color options in MuseScore you can play around with: Edit -> Preferences -> Canvas and Preferences -> Advanced; I don't think there are options to toggle colors for the individual palettes themselves. May I ask why you need different colors? If you want to make your toolbars more simple, you can edit them: View -> Toolbars -> Customize Toolbars. I recently trimmed down a lot of my workspace to the point that the basic setting is more cluttered; learning and making shortcuts (Edit -> Preferences -> Shortcuts) helps a lot.

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I think there isn't any color related to the panel color in Advanced. I want to have them as all white like the screenshot I attached to this reply.
About handles, we can have "lock toolbar position" checkbox for each toolbar like LibreOffice (When you right click on a toolbar).
Btw, I'm learning the shortcuts. Take some times to master :p

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