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• Oct 27, 2020 - 14:02

I didn't see errors while downloading, installation, or changing permissions, but when i try running MuseScore, I get the error "QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set". My linux/ubuntu environment contains the line "XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000", and the "ls $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" variable resolves to a folder containing 11 files.

When the app's launched, it forks off a 2nd process that hangs, so I use System monitor to kill them (to free up resources. Have you seen this behavior before? Do you know how to resolve it? thanks, o2btrump-


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Hi Shoichi (& anyone else reading this stream),
and please excuse the following "run-on sentence".

A command line run of "MuseScore-" (AKA muse3-5) inexplicably seems to behave differently by command line vs. gui (see attached screenshot: a melange of, from top-to-bottom: 1) ostream of the running app, 2) gui -imho- of the splash-screen (blue) & gui of the forked child process, 3) the system monitor records of parent (ID 2707, muse3-5) & child (mscore-portable, 2712).

communistkiro's example (#comment-958820) halts due to "[1] 5702 segmentation fault musescore -no-sandbox". Mine, at "qrc:/qml/DialogButton.qml:74: ReferenceError: globalStyle is not defined" -doesn't that sound like 2 different problems (segmentation fault v. ReferenceError) seeking the same panacea?

btw, i tried "muse3-5 -w", no change in call stack. Do you know if there are other runtime arguments available? For example, "-v", for verbose) that would be common to parent & child, tracing the stack to either stdout/stderr?

next time i get a free moment, i'm gonna uninstall & reinstall (unless somebody, myself included, can think of a solution ;^)

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