Chiains of suspensions

• Oct 28, 2020 - 11:06

I'm a student and am having trouble with chains of suspensions. I've attached an example from my homework and have done the first problem with paper and pencil to show what I must have.

in problem "a" (measure 6) musescore 3 wants to tie both the E and C, and will not let me write in the 4.

Can someone please tell me how I might write problem "a" in musescore

Old Jimma

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To notate the combination of whole notes and tied half-notes, you'll have to nate them as separate voices, as was mentioned before. (The whole point of suspension is that it's the interplay between voices.)

To write the figures, you'll have to use the Staff Text function (CTRL-T), making sure to adjust it so it lies below the staff ("x"on the keyboard will flip it).

BUT (and here I'm helping you with your homework a little more than I should), in the last measure you don't need the F and B half-notes (there's no real suspension going on), just wholce note C's in both voices. Play it on a piano and you'll hear how natural it sounds.

Suspensions are the soul of harmony!

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