Static Audio

• Oct 30, 2020 - 19:43

I've seen this issue on other forum posts but i have not seen a reply that has actually fixed the issue. About a month ago, I was using musescore as a normal user, but a week ago, i opened the app and there was no sound and i was confused. i started to input some notes into a random score and the audio became really loud and staticy. the issue has caused any audio played on my computer to become this same way. the issue only happens when i open musescore. i troubleshoot my audio and it says that the issue was that "the audio format was not set to default. i am fairly certain that musescore is causing this issue and im not sure how to fix it. i have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and the issue still persists. i am on the latest version of musescore and on the latest windows 10 update.


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