How can I make a glissando quicker or slower?

• Oct 31, 2020 - 02:32


Since a gliss is a 'glide' from one note to another, the 'speed' at which it is played depends on how distant in pitch the start and end notes of the gliss are away from each other. The further apart, the 'faster' it must be executed to fit within the timing of those two notes.

The tempo of the piece also affects the 'speed' of the gliss. If the two notes are played at a fast tempo, the gliss will necessarily be executed more quickly than at a slower tempo.

So... to make a gliss 'quicker', increase the distance in pitch it traverses, or increase the tempo of the music. Shortening the duration of the first note will also cause a gliss to play faster.

If you actually mean arpeggio - a 'rolled' (multi-note) chord - there is a Stretch adjustment in the Inspector which can hasten or delay the effect.


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