Musescore locks up audio in Windows 10

• Nov 4, 2020 - 23:16

Upgraded my sound interface to audiofuse studio. Now Musescore locks up audio so any other app using audio (chrome browser or DAW) no longer functions. Eventually needs a reboot to unlock applications. Musescore is using ASIO driver. Any help appreciated.


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I did that. Reboot computer but still have the problem. My DAW does the same thing but output is restored after about 60 seconds. It is more appropriate for DAW to take some control of the audio. I do not want Musescore resetting or controlling the audio interface. Did not have this problem so with old interface.

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Perhaps it's a bit late for you, but might be useful for others. After you unchecked the exclusive control option, you also have to make sure that all the application that will share an output/input of the audio interface work with the same sample rate (and bit depth I guess ?).

My interface was set to 96kHz, and I believe Musescore works at 44.1.
So setting windows 10 samplerate to 44.1 solved this for me.

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