Intermittent failure of MuseScore.

• Nov 5, 2020 - 20:26

MuseScore: V Revision 465e7b6
PC Intel i7-8650U, 16Gb ram
Windows 64 bit Win10Pro Ver 1909 Build 18363.1139

For some time I have been experiencing intermittent failures of MuseScore. The main symptom is that there is no sound and then the program stops and the only recovery is to close and restart MuseScore.

I have not reported the issue before now because I guess the (sensible) response would be “What were you doing at the time?” and all I could say “I’m entering notes, lyrics, or arranging bars on a page or perhaps transposing some notes etc, etc. In other words just using MuseScore as I have been doing since V1.

I don’t know why MuseScore fails but I now know when it’s going to fail.
I use a laptop with an attached 32in monitor. I have MuseScore work-area on the 32in screen with inspector and mixer on the lap top screen. Works fine. However, if I get called away from the PC for some reason and leave it long enough for the PC to go into power down mode (10mins on my PC) and the large monitor also powers down at the same time. Then when I return, I power up. The MuseScore work area is now on the PC not the large monitor. I move the work area back to the large monitor and Musescore locks up the moment I attempt any action. All I can do is close MuseScore down and restart. I notice a message gets sent to Microsoft for some reason.
Hope that’s some help to correcting and annoying problem (but hardly catastrophic I agree).


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