Do have To repeat Tuplets?

• Nov 14, 2020 - 07:17

I'm making my Opus-26 Nocturnes, each Bar/treble clef requires a tuplet or two, Is it undeniable to enter a tuplet every time, or can I have it automatically repeat?

here's a PDF, the first measure has a Tuplet(12), and the second measure has "Tuplet without a tuplet bar and number".

How do I get it to do it automatically, If it does

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If you want to copy first measure to 2 nd measure, simply use R after selecting the whole 1st measure. For me a tuplet with 12 in a 4/4 measure is "unreadable" why not using simply 4 triplets ??? For the number 12 in the 2nd measure, you can make it invisible in INSPECTOR (in Musescore 2) but once more it is unreadable, because you get 12 eight notes in a 4/4 measure for the musician

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