Keyboard shortcut to load soundfonts saved to score

• Nov 23, 2020 - 16:19

It could really save a lot of time, to me at least. Whenever I find myself at a dead end inspiration-wise, I'll turn to another score and work on it for a while and then maybe another, and then come back and take another shot and see what comes about. This is not even premeditated, it's just the way I end up doing things... and I have to say it sort of works out.

That's why I end up loading sounfonts a couple dozen times a day. For some scores I need to load several and in a specific order... It would be way more efficient if I could just do it with one keystroke, as soon as I've opened the score, always hit the same key and the soundfonts will start loading.

OR, it could be even better if we had the choice in Settings to automatically load the saved soundfonts when scores are opened (I know this would create conflicts if you are working with multiple scores at a time like tabs on a browser... but custom soundfonts would be troublesome in that case regardless; if that's the way someone is working they can always un-check this option).

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