Difficulty with entering chords with varying note durations

• Nov 28, 2020 - 22:40

I am have been playing music for many years but by ear, so was working on trying improve my reading and general knowledge by taking some existing musical PDFs, converting them via Audiveris and then loading the .mxl files into MuseScore. This works very well, although there are some mistakes with the OMR so I am trying to correct it in MuseScore.

I am finding it impossible to enter the following:

I have the following in MuseScore but it seems impossible to enter the first note on the treble or bass clef to be a minim with augmentation dot (sorry my terminology is likely very wrong) shared with the other chord note; it overwrites the bar with a minim, or if I attempt to add another note to the chord, it only wants to add another crochet.
It is looking like this in MuseScore and I cannot enter rests correctly in the second bar so the feel and timing is all wrong (too long a pause):

Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated as I fumble my way through this. Thanks in advance, and for the software.



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