Managing text in columns

• Dec 1, 2020 - 05:58

Is there a way in MuseScore to add a text-wrap object? Something that has a frame, like the one I'm presently typing into, where words flow to the next line automatically, and also reflow on resizing the frame width, like we have in any text editor window or an HTML div.

Alternately is there a way to place a text object and flow its contents according to the dimension of a containing frame? And yes—of course—I'd like columns that I can flow from one to the next.

Please note that I've seen this useful workaround

Presently I'm using Staff Text which works fine for short definitive lines like lyrics, but with paragraphs it's unmanageable to maintain columns widths with line breaks.

The odd thing is that MuseScores frames don't seem to actually contain anything except for the location of newly added objects, which always align to the upper right hand corner.

I've looked into frames within frames but the way their handled in MuseScore seems counterintuitive and doesn't yeild the result I'm after. I keep looking in the Inspector for a "Wrap" property ...

Hopefully I've overlooked something obvious.

REQUEST: If columnar text flow is not supported in MuseScore please consider this a request.



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