Measure numbers on multiple staves

• Dec 10, 2020 - 05:33

I can only get measure numbers showing on the top staff. I am working on a large orchestral score. I would like to have measure numbers show above several staves, [eg flute 1, trumpet 1, percussion 1, keyboards, female voices, violin 1], and below the bottom staff. I cannot find how to do this in the documentation.

Is it possible?



In reply to by Shoichi

• Set up 17 staves.
•Group them as 4 [ww], 5 [brass], 3 [perc], 5 [strings].
•Put measure numbers above flute 1 [staff 1], trumpet 1 [staff 5], perf 1 [staff 10], violin 1 [staff 13], and below the cb [staff 18].
• The actual score is significantly larger.
Perhaps this could be done with rehearsal marks [too], as they also have enclosures.

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