Auto-creation of boom-chuck backup

• Jan 14, 2021 - 00:26

Hi! Is there a plugin that will add a "boom chuck" piano or guitar accompaniment to a lead line, using the chords entered as part of the lead line?




Not directly no.

My approach would be something along these lines (assuming one chord symbol / measure has been entered already and we're in 4/4 time):

  1. Edit → Instruments...
  2. Add another instrument (guitar/piano/whatever, as long as it's pitched)
  3. Split the first measure rest of that newly added instrument into 4 quarter rests
  4. Right-click the first chord symbol on the existing line and choose "Select all Similar Elements in Staff"
  5. Copy
  6. Select the 3rd beat of the first measure in the new instrument and paste
  7. Right-click the first chord symbol on the original line and this time choose to select "all similar elements"
  8. Change the "chord symbol voicing" in the Inspector (F8) to "Root only"
  9. Select the 2nd beat (2nd instrument) and paste
  10. Select the 4th beat (2nd instrument) and paste
  11. Turn the 2nd instrument invisible in Edit→Instruments

Alternatively, instead of turning that instrument invisible, you can also make those additional chord symbols invisible and copy and paste them all back onto the original line and remove the temporary instrument.

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