I need help creating a new kind of duration modifier

• Jan 17, 2021 - 18:27

In essence I want a plugin that will create these:

The syntax of the stardot is almost the same as an augmentation dot. Instead of increasing the duration by 3/2, it increases the duration by 5/4.

I've scoured the documentation looking for a way to do this, and there seem to be no convenient methods available to plugins. The closest I've come is to create a Staff Text element with the star glyph, which ends up positioned above the note, not beside its notehead.

Also I've had no success with changing the "tickLen" property of a note to make it span a longer duration.

In an ideal plugin, I'd be able to add a stardot to any note, and the star would be attached to that note; and the star would adjust itself up and down automatically as a note's pitch is edited, just like a regular dot does. I'd also like a star to appear in the note palette too, alongside the other augmentation dots. I get that those features might not be possible, but one can dream.

For the sake of staying on topic, please don't drop comments explaining why I should use ties. I'm looking for a way to do this notation in Musescore, not a discussion about whether you personally think it's legitimate.

I'm looking for a plugin-based solution, that isn't manually adding the glyphs and making invisible rests.


A plugin can't do things that one can't do manually in the software; so it can't make a note a new duration length which isn't part of current notation standards.

What it can do, is add the tie/additional note/symbol and make those invisible. If the symbol gets attached via the notehead, then it should update its vertical position when the pitch is changed (at least using the arrow keys).

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