QoL inprovements for palette search

• Jan 18, 2021 - 02:53

I hope this isn't a duplicate, but I noticed that some items in the palette are particularly difficult to search for, I want to give some possible solutions for them.
Shows up with a lot of other things that have a 'p' in them
Maybe add the search term for 'piano' as well?
(I think this would be useful too to support the search for the full name of other one-letter dynamics, like s, z, n, r, f, etc.)
Key Signatures:
Key Signatures with sharps/flats:
They use the proper symbol for sharp/flats, so you have to search for the unmodified(?) note to find them
I think just using 'Db' and 'F#' would be better

I don't know, it's all potentially nitpicky and it's a pretty low priority problem in my opinion, but does anyone else have any other examples?


Right-click a palette cell and open its properties. You can change the name for the cell there, and as such use that to search for it.

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