I want to create a music sheet with the notes on one staff and the ukulele tab for the individual strings below the notes

• Jan 18, 2021 - 21:47

I have some ukulele sheet music with the staff notes and would like to add uke tab staff for the individual notes for each string, how can I do this? See example

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  1. Create a new score and go for the "choose instruments" template.
  2. Type "Uku" in the search filter
  3. Double click the Ukulele in the left result window
  4. Click on "staff 1" of the Ukulele in the right part of the window
  5. Press the "Add linked staff" button in the middle
  6. Use the dropdown for the newly added staff to change the Staff type to "Tab. ukulele"
  7. Continue the New Score Wizard.

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