A better way?

• Jan 22, 2021 - 16:44

Dear MuseScore users!
See the image I have attached to identify "the problem".
How can I manage to "mimic" this in MuseScore?
I manage partly with a second voice and some invisible and x-offset "tricks", but I am not convinced about the visible outcome of my "solution". Is there a better way?

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Split stems are not supported and indeed need visual trickery.
I'd keep all notes in the same voice though, and then offset one of them with the inspector and then draw a custom line as "stem" for it.

To "mimic" the old score in MuseScore:
My solution.png
Rare cases like this should be entered last as any changes to score layout (even changing musical fonts) will need re-tweaking whatever gets messed up.
I have used the Leland font for this:
My solution3.mscz
You can stretch/compress the horizontal frame (in the last line) to see what I mean about layout changes.
Click on the various elements and use the Inspector to discover the adjustments.

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