Is there a limit to how much you can do

• Jan 22, 2021 - 22:41

Is there a limit to how much you can do with the free program? I'm working on a piece that's only 58 measures long on a single page, but now it won't let me add anything more like ties or dynamics. I've already closed and reopened the program.


There is only the free program; there is no payed version.

Consider having a quick look through the online handbook for the chapters of the things giving you trouble (in this case ties and dynamics) and then tell us exactly which step of those instructions is failing for you.

Ok, I figured it out, I'm really needing to add slurs not ties. So it wasn't letting me add more ties because there wasn't any notes left of the same pitch. Thanks! I just downloaded yesterday and there's the "pro" version so I didn't know if that allowed for more features or not. I'll read more to see if I can figure out why it's not adding more dynamics.

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Some here at .org understand your legitimate concern.

There is no "pro version" of the MuseScore music notation software. I think the dotcom site should be more straightforward about the differences between the .org and .com aspects.

Obfuscation can be a tool to increase revenue:

Sign of the times:
"Free trials" that require credit card numbers put the onus on the user to cancel in time to avoid charges. It's a bit of social engineering as, hopefully, the user forgets to cancel. (Not only

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You might indeed very well have gotten an advertisement for the Pro subscription service of .com on such an occasion and I don't blame you for thinking it applied to the software; it was an honest mistake.

I'm glad you asked, so we could clarify; way better than you buying something under the assumption it was something else and the get let down.

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