Timbre Preview When Selecting Instruments for Score

• Jan 23, 2021 - 23:50

It can take a while to find the right sound you're looking for when selecting instruments. Would it be possible to add a button on the instrument select screen next to each instrument on the left to sample a sound? It could be one note, a chord, or even the lick.

A field where you could specify some pitches for the software to play when previewing would be nice, but anything that helps speed this part up would be appreciated. I attached an example image of what I'm talking about

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MusescoreTimbrePreview.png 62.83 KB


The problem with such a feature is that the "instrument" choice does not define the playback sound. One can use many different soundfonts and often do so to get a different timbre of a given instrument.

If you're looking for a certain sound, then my advice would be to do exactly that. Create a new treble clef score, enter a few measures. Turn on loop playback and open up the mixer, you can now change sounds during playback until you hit the sound you wish to use.
Take note of that sound and then use the corresponding instrument in your score.

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