Creating playable audio file different original score

• Feb 7, 2021 - 11:29

I can duplicate this song with a PNG for HTML; however, it doesn't play as written.

I can make a separate AUDIO file by inserting the chorus between the solos. Is there a another way around two files? I'm trying to think of ways to make the original file play correctly by inserting and hiding repeats somehow.

Thanks for putting your genius wizard minds to work. If it requires two files, one for audio and one for PNG, that's okay too. You are always amazing at pulling solutions out of nowhere. <3

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You wrote:
I can duplicate this song with a PNG for HTML; however, it doesn't play as written.

What?? Doesn't play as written?
If you enter it into MuseScore the way your .jpg picture shows, then it should play as written, yes?

You wrote:
Is there another way around two files?

After notating as your .jpg picture shows, you will have one MuseScore file which can be viewed and played as written in MuseScore.
Also, that one file is able to be exported as a png image, or as an audio file, or as MIDI, etc.

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Thank you, Jm6stringer. I didn't explain myself well enough. I'm trying to create the sound a choir would make when they sing this piece following all the written directions.

The Bass Solos are verses 1, 2, and 3. The Chorus is only written once; however, [Chorus is written at the end of verses 2 and 3, indicating the chorus is to be sung after every solo. I also found a handful of recordings on YouTube and used them to establish the tempo. All recordings sing verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, verse 3, chorus. An accurate audio file should follow that pattern also.

It plays fine as written, but it doesn't return to play the chorus after every verse. I can make a second audio that plays verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus; however, I was wondering if there was a way to add and hide the returns so everything is contained in one file instead of two. I've tried to puzzle out how to make it play the way it's written for the singers by using hidden endings and repeats. Wild idea, huh?

Here is a sample of the song from YouTube.

It's okay if it's not possible. I'll make a second audio file. <3

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You wrote:
Chorus is written at the end of verses 2 and 3, indicating the chorus is to be sung after every solo.

O.K. so no musical notation, but audio playback of chorus after verse 2 and after verse 3.
Have a look/listen:
Use menu item: View and place check marks in the 'Show' boxes to make elements visible.
Also, menu item: Edit -> Instruments will show the hidden chorus staves.

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That is absolutely elegant. I want to recreate it on my own so I will know how to do it in the future. Unfortunately, I'm stumped. I've thought about recreating the original SATB with 12 extra measures, then hiding the extra choruses. I've clicked Show Invisible and every other thing in the box, but I can't figure out how you did it.

Would you share your wizard secrets? <3

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Thank you, Quaver Crafter.

347b_348_349_not_final is the best I can do by hiding instruments, staves, and measures. The second chorus is hidden, but the space where it plays isn't.

Boars_Head_Song is the one done by jmstringer6. It's absolutely elegant. He was able to use frames in front of the last two choruses so when they played, the visual blue line was under the word [Chorus.

I haven't been able to recreate jmstringer6's version. This is for a HTML. I could rename his Boars_Head_Song and ship to the post processor, but it wouldn't be my work and I wouldn't know how to recreate it.

I can live with not having the frames reduce the blue play lines; however, I have to find a way to hide the space for the second chorus. My PNG has to look like the original JPG.

I noticed that jmstringer6's instruments are SATBSATB. I haven't been able to create that same arrangement. No matter how I try, my instruments line up SSAATTBB.

I'm scratching my head, but I'm truly stumped. <3

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All righty then...

This is your goal as previously stated::
The Bass Solos are verses 1, 2, and 3. The Chorus is only written once; however, [Chorus is written at the end of verses 2 and 3, indicating the chorus is to be sung after every solo.

Earlier within this forum thread, you attached a jpg image of a printed score and also 2 MuseScore files each of which have identical names:
"347b_348_349.mscz" and "347b_348_349.mscz". They contain different content though (and show different file sizes).
For clarity, it is good practice to version the names of files which are modified and subsequently attached to a forum post. This way: "Start with file 347b_348_349.mscz" won't cause confusion due to identical names. So, use versioning, for example: Boars_1.mscz; Boars_2.mscz; etc.
Since your second score 347b_348_349.mscz looked more like the jpg picture, it is the file I used. (23.81 KB).

Overview of procedure...
If you open my last attachment - Boars_Head_Song.mscz - in Edit -> Instruments... you'll see 8 staves with the last 4 having the 'Visible' box unchecked. Those are for the "ghost choir" which "sings" the 2 invisible choruses.
For the non-ghost choir, any empty staves (such as during the bass solos) can be hidden the normal way.

Start with the notated score without hidden staves. In other words, the bass solo verses and the chorus should all show 4 staves, even though staves appear empty (during the bass solos). So, verse 1 bass solo shows 4 staves; chorus shows 4 staves; verse 2 bass solo shows 4 staves; verse 3 bass solo shows 4 staves. At this point, if you hide empty staves you will get a nice looking score, but without the desired playback of the repeated chorus.

The chorus does already play because it's notated after verse 1; but, how to repeat the chorus after verse 2 and again after verse 3?. The answer is to create a "ghost choir" (and then, afterwards, uncheck 'Visible' in Instruments).

So... create a "ghost choir":
Since the chorus is 8 measures long, insert 8 empty measures between end verse 2 & start verse 3. Use system breaks as needed. Also append 8 empty measures after verse 3 (for the final chorus). Keep the measures empty. They are placeholders for the "ghost choir" which is next created by going to Edit -> Instruments... and adding another Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass to the score. So, including the original SATB, now 8 staves total.
These added 4 staves become the "ghost choir" when the chorus (already notated after verse 1) is copy/pasted into them. Just be sure to paste the chorus into those 8 measures you inserted and the 8 you appended earlier. Also, do not paste anything into the top 4 (blank) staves. They are not part of the "ghost choir" as they "sing" only after verse 1.

FWIW: You might try using a closed SATB for the "ghost choir", but I found it easier/quicker to copy/paste the existing (already notated) chorus.

If you get this far, please post what you have.

Final touches involve joining each "ghost chorus" into a single measure to compress space, then making it invisible in measure properties, and using horizontal frames to position it at the 'CHORUS' text to deceive the playback cursor.

If you get this far, congrats!

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On big projects, I save in process files with different names. Didn't think about it being necessary when uploading small revisions. I'll make sure versions are named differently going forward. Also, just me being me, I had to find out all the ways this didn't work. :)

It's possible to do this with one SATB, then insert and hide the extra chorus measures. But I can't reduce the blue play line hardly at all. And it's fascinating!

Adding the ghost SATB, then making the staff size small [and deleting all the text ;) ] helps. I can insert a horizontal frame before the last chorus. I haven't been able to insert a horizontal frame before the second chorus. Everything I know how to do still leaves the ghost choir much bigger than the exquisite play line you created under [Chorus.

Do you have more magic to share, Sir Wizard? <3

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