Entering lyrics, Special Characters: Alt-space and Alt-hyphen don't work

• Feb 13, 2021 - 15:55

This may be related to issue #293912. I'm using MS 3.6.2, macOS 10.15.7.
When I attempt to enter a space within a lyric, or a hyphen, the Alt-space and Alt-hyphen keystrokes documented in the online manual don't work. Nothing happens. (BTW I am assuming that when the manual specifies Alt in a Mac command, it means the ⌘ (command) key.) On my first attempt, I found that Alt-space opened the Spotlight search utility, that being the default keystroke for Spotlight in macOS. So in System Preferences I replaced Alt-space for Spotlight with Opt-space, hoping that this would liberate Alt-space for the documented Special Characters action in MS. But again, nothing happened.


You're correct David. On the Mac we use the option/alt key before pressing space or hyphen to enter non-breaking variants of those characters.

"Straight out of the box" this works for me in MuseScore (v3.5 and higher) under Mac OS ... with no need to reconfigure keystrokes in MuseScore or System Preferences.


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