Recorder fingering plugin

• Feb 24, 2021 - 04:43

I got the recorder fingering plugin to work, but it creates fingerings for every note on the staff. I only want to create fingering text for certain notes. Such as the Bb6 and any notes up in that octave.
I know the fingerings for the notes up to the G6 ?? but any notes higher than that require fingerings that can be hard to learn and remember.
Maybe the plugin does not cover notes above the Ab6??
I need to know how to make the plugin display fingerings for the very high notes and the accidentals up that high
Displaying fingerings for all of the notes on the score creates a lot of clutter and makes the fingerings very hard to read because the space between the staves ?? becomes extremely large.


It's been a while since I did any Plugins but it looks as though the array of pitches in this plugin goes up to D7 and the font that it uses also seems to have fingerings up to D7. To do what you want you would need to include fingerings only for those notes you want (remove unwanted references in the array) and also add new fingerings to the font file (.TTF) or find an alternative font file that has the fingerings you want.


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Thanks to those who replied to my enquiry. I don't know if I have the programming savvy to implement those changes to the plugin.
I am thinking about making "jpeg" cutout images of the higher fingerings, then making "boxes" ?? under the staff to place the images in.
It seems like the recorder and tin whistle scores either "fall" below the lowest available pitch on the instrument, or go up above it. Those pitches above the "high A", that venture into concert flute note ranges, seem more like they are for "professional" level players than the average hobbyist player like me.
If one transposes the key signature up or down to avoid pitches that (he) can't play, or play very well, then the piece goes down too low or up higher than I am comfortable with.
I like to play in the "Irish" style, on an open tone hole instrument that can do that kind of "ornamentation" (??) without having mechanical keys get in the way.
Plus the fingerings needed to play those higher notes will likely make it difficult to do trills and turns up there, especially with "accidentals" as in Bach, that stray from the "home scale" of something like the penny whistle.
My dream instrument would be an open tone hole Gemeinhardt concert flute, with a fipple mouthpiece, since I had partial facial paralysis long ago and can't play with the usual flute embouchure mouthpiece.
Would love to play an Irish flute, with a custom made fipple mouthpiece, but maybe that's pretty much the same as a tin whistle in a lower key.

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