Undo anomaly re the Inspector

• Mar 8, 2021 - 15:34

Unless I'm missing something completely obvious, here is an issue that seriously impacts Undo functionality.
In which case, I'd be more than pleased if you'd educate me.

MuseScore 3.6.2

It's long been known that virtually every click within the Inspector adds a step to the Undo stack. Changing the position of a marking by five clicks one way or another requires five Undo clicks to return to the previous position. Perfect. No problem, though the clicks do add up in a hurry.

Now try it with a gliss between two notes: (I could add a sample score, but you can replicate this in seconds.)
Add a gliss marking between two notes. One click to undo.
In the inspector, change the gliss to portamento. One click to undo.
Using the Ease-In slider, adjust the shape to 50.
How many clicks to undo this operation?
50 clicks. Yup! Unless you adjusted the slider up or down a little before you landed on 50, in which case every additional increment equals an extra click on the Undo button.

The easy and obvious solution for the user is to simply delete the gliss, saving dozens of clicks. (or so you think)
Supposing you wish to undo an operation BEFORE the gliss however? In that case, you'll need to click undo for every increment the slider crossed before you can get to that earlier element.

Why is this important? Using the slider to adjust values makes the use of the Undo feature very time consuming and forces the user to make choices as to how to move forward. (or backwards)

One choice, of course, is to abandon the slider altogether and simply type the value in the box. One, two extra clicks tops. (Don't try clicking the increment buttons to get there, because... you know.) But then, why have a slider?

Another choice - give up on the functional use of Undo, save some time and edit the previous element.
There is no undo in life.

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