Bandoneon keyboard Plugin - in search of a programmer

• Mar 12, 2021 - 14:24

I am a bandoneon teacher and I am looking for a programmer who could make a plugin that shows the notes of a staff on the bandoneon keyboard.

This would be the next level tool for beginners.

The flow of the plugin would be:
User chooses a bar in a staff
User chooses in the plugin window - Open-Closing (in or out)
A window opens with the keyboard map and the highlighted keys.

I can provide the keyboard map and images of course...

If there's someone out there who is willing to collaborate this will be fantastic !!!


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I actually need the other way around: Score translated to keys - to help students find the keys faster.
The key to score is not really an issue for me know, can the same plugin be reversed?
I'm attaching the layout (divided in opening and closing) and the single hands in empty layouts.

Coming from

Ah, "the other way round" is almost already implemented in my plugin:…

In the plugin panel, if you click on the Label "Instrument (anzeigen)", the website opens. It's a small step to open it with the note/chord that is currently selected in MuseScore. Example (a-major, opening/pulling bellow):

What I can add in the plugin and on the web page:

  • add Bandoneon as instrument on the web page (but in specific keys and note names, not do-re-me-fa-so, and only one side, left/right per URL)
  • specific buttons can be marked (like the "orientation buttons" on the Steirische Harmonika)
  • allow curved rows with specific CSS (but I'll not write the CSS myself)
  • background image of the Bandoneon should also be possible with CSS
  • open selected note/chord from MuseScore on the web page


Hey, I implemented a Bandoneon keyboard mapping. Not sure if it matches yours. I got it from

  1. Install and start the Plugin Nn2GS
  2. Select the Bandoneon instrument
  3. Select a chord
  4. Click on the label "Instrument (anzeigen)"

The Bandoneon keyboard with the selected notes opens up in the browser and you can switch between closing/opening view.


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Yes, its about Bandoneon. I could build a similar animation for Bandoneon, if Bandoneontv is searching for that. I would need MuseScore files for Bandoneon. The notes should be colored to show the bellows (push/pull). There is a plugin for accordions which do that. The "new" program should read a musicxml file (unkomprimierte MusicXML Datei) with all the information I would need.

There is no other discussion about my program.

For my band students I use with musescore via midi for fingerings. Maybe could good idea to ask him to incorporate bandoneon keyboard

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