• Mar 24, 2021 - 01:07

Hello there!
I am a beginner bassist who started playing almost a 1,5 year ago. Anyway, for me as a beginner, I believe it is good if I can learn songs by ear in order to be a good musician. Maybe Musescore 4,0 should have a transcription tool. If I for example import a mp3 file, then Musescore would ask me which instrument I want to transcripe, then it should do the job.
If i want to learn a song by ear, I will do my best with my ears. Then I make Musescore transcripe the song or a section of it, thereafter I compare my version to Musescore's version.


There are programs out there that specialize in audio to midi conversion; which could then be used as a starting point for yourself/MuseScore. I don't think MuseScore should become an all-purpose all-round music program; but keep its focus on becoming the best notation program there is with good integration with (other) playback systems.

So I'd advise you to go looking for one of the programs that do make audio transcription there core business. But don't expect great results for anything that involves more than a clear recording of a single instrument. The technology to do so is simply not yet up to the task.

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