Automatic Beam properties. in 4/4 if I write 2.5/4 I want to be 2+0.5 with auto-correction. If is possible.

• Mar 31, 2021 - 15:54

Beam properties. I want to be this process automatic:
For example. 4/4 One Measure. I like when all in a measure is set in 2 halves (2 quarter notes + 2 quarter notes=4/4). It is possible: if I write a one-Quarter note and a Dotted Quarter Note (will be 1+1.5) I want always to program to divide my 2.5 to 2 tie/line + 0.5, for the best score look.
I always do this manual, but maybe this process can be automatic. This will save a lot of time :)
Screenshot attached. Thank You for Your time.

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Try [Tools]>[Regroup Rhythms].

The tie to the third beat is the correct way to notate it but MuseScore allows you to enter a dotted quarter on beat 2 as that is sometimes what you want. So, if you don't want quarter + dotted quarter, write it as quarter + quarter + tied eighth.

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