Augmentation dot or something else?

• Apr 4, 2021 - 09:22

Hello there!
I am recreating a sheet music for a song so I can learn it. I found a video with the sheet music for the song, but I want the song in Musescore so I can control tempo etc. So, I started to entering the notes in the score but something stopped.
Some notes in the video have a dot over, but it is not an augmentation dot- because the rhythm changes.
The first picture is taken from the video, and the second is taken from my score.
I noticed that the notes with that dot are not ringing,.
What type of dot is that, and how can I find it in Musescore?

I appreciate your help!


A dot to the right of a note is an augmentation dot (adds 50% to the duration).
A dot above or below a note is a staccato (found in the Articulations palette).

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