Choral SATB Closed Source Liturgical Unmetrical

• Apr 11, 2021 - 11:25

Can somebody explain to me please how to set up a score for church choir (SATB closed source) and unmetrical measures (usually 8/4 but without numbering; sometimes we have 9/4, and 2/4 rarely)? Sure I'll add the barlines manually. Also. I don't need time signatures at all.
Sample score:


In addition:
* use staff properties to disable the showing of time signatures
* use Tools/Measures/Split/Join or actual measure duration and "insert" mode to make measures the correct size
* use a split measure for which you hide the inbetween barline (mark it invisible) and exclude the measure count in the measure properties of the 2nd measure to allow "splitting" it over multiple systems (such as system three and four here)
* use voice 1 for soprano and tenor and voice 2 for alto and bass

Example attached

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