Choose what verses to print or leave out

• Apr 12, 2021 - 16:50

Request the ability to choose what lyrics to leave out on a printed copy.

Background for this feature request:
A lot of older church music have a lot of verses or the same music is being used for multiple songs/hymns.
Most of the time I sing three or maybe four verses and leave out the rest.
Often I sing the same hymn or song more than once. And often the request is to sing some of the verses that haven't been song yet.

Instead of removing and adding verses every time I need them I would like to be able to put every verse in.
Later during printing I would like to choose what verses to print without getting empty lines between the printed verses.

I do realise there is a workaround by make the verses invisible and move them toward the bottom OR make a file with all the verses and make a copy with the removed verses. But I prefer one file.

Kind regards,


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