how to check, if polyphonic voices are present in some place?

• May 6, 2021 - 11:54

Is it possible, to chcek, if on some position is already present sounding note in other voice? Check_Voices?.png

If it is not possible, is it valid feature request?


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It would be useful in automated tablature / string data creation.
If there is already used string, new tone have to be on other string.

In chord (or if notes begin at same point - second staff), it works already programatically.

But in polyphony - my example, first staff, I am not able, to make this check.

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Here is real world example.
Red notes should be on second string, as on first string is already a note "a".
But how to check, if there is that note a above them? MS UI fails on this too.
(If I am right, musescore can chceck only start points of notes.)

I can imagine, I would use internal "activeNotes" array of objects [{"note": note, "turnOffSegment": segment},...], and go thru score and add objects and remove them on preoper place, but it seems to be overcomplicated a bit for such functionality.
(for example, how to store "turnOffSegment"s? I need "next segment on track", ...)

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