Add Keyboard Shortcut: Tie to previous note

• May 13, 2021 - 20:34

I couldn't find this in the shortcuts menu, so I assume its not an option currently, but this is something that guitar pro does that doesn't seem like much, but is really just a nice quality of life thing that'd save a bit of time.

Currently in Musescore, in order to tie two notes that I have just placed, I have to select the first note, then hit the shortcut button, and then select where I was in the score previously to continue composing. With this option, I could instead hit 1 button and carry on from there.


Enter the first note, then hit the + key - job done.*
If you want to do it retrospectively, as it were, then LeftArrow, + (Plus), RightArrow, RightArrow.

*If you want to change the duration of the second tied note, then press N and the number for the duration (4 for quaver, 5 for crotchet, 6 for minim etc.)

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