Transposing one of two voices diatonically

• May 18, 2021 - 13:01

I have a bar with two voices.
I want to transpose voice 2 up a third diatonically, leaving voice 1 where it is.

I select the whole bar (both voices).
I deselect voice 1 by unticking the box for Voice 1 in the Selection Filter.

With solely voice 2 notes highlighted, I go to the Menu >> Tools >> Transpose...
I select transpose diatonically radio button and set the interval to a third.
The radio button for up is already selected.

Click OK and both voices have been transposed up a third, diatonically, which is not what I thought should happen.

In contrast, if I select the notes for voice 2 as before, I can raise the notes chromatically using the arrow keys, without altering voice 1. So my workaround involves transposing chromatically using the arrow keys and then picking out the notes that need raising or lowering a semitone.

Is this user error or a bug?

I'm using: MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34 on a Linux PC.


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Thank you. I found CTRL-up or down arrow for octaves by chance. Thanks for pointing out Alt-Shift-up or down arrow for diatonic pitch changes; I'm sure I'll find them much easier to use the Transpose dialogue box.

I'm happy about the dialogue box transpose function being all voices if that was intentional.

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