Call for demo melodies for an automated harmonium

• Jun 6, 2021 - 10:58

I have created a midi compatible automated reed organ from an old organ from 1902.
I'll be showing the organ in a streamed program on the net on June 24th. The main subject of the streamed program is Arduinos creating music. But since Musescore has been an essential part of my project, I'd like to not only share the streamed program with you, but invite you to write music for the organ. The best contributions (one or two) will be played in the stream. Other good ones will be showed off here.
No money involved. Accept to have your creations showed to people for free. But I will mention you, if I choose to pick your composition.
15 to 30 second long tunes are likely to be picked. Another thing to consider is not to have same note repeat, if it's a crucial melody line, unless you shorten the notes using staccato, or dividing the note value. This is due to the slow mechanisms.
I shall link a video of the instrument in following post.

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