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• Jun 22, 2021 - 07:40

Hi (Correct me if I made the wrong Forum dropdown choice: "Made with MuseScore"),

Can anyone help me get my chart to fit in a single page? (See image: "2 pager")

The only thing that fixes my problem is when I delete the note - but the only problem is, I want the note to be there. (See image: "1 pager")

So, to sum up what I wish for: How to customise the spacing in the systems?

(I was previously using Sibelius which maybe allowed too much freedom where I manually placed the systems as I wanted)

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This definitely looks like it should fit on a single page by default in MuseScore as well. Hard to tell what's causing it not to without the actual score (mscz). But my guess would be as to how you added that text "Note" at the bottom of the page; I'm guessing it is actually staff text of that 3rd last staff and you dragged it way down. Collision avoidance then moved the following staves out of the way for you.

If you're willing to share the score itself, we can show you ways of making it fit onto the page.

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As suspected the "Note" at the bottom of page 1 is in fact a system text attached to m28 beat 3,5.
Cut the text there and your music flow right back onto 1 page. Then appended a Text Frame and pasted your Note in there.

I also reset the "Solo break or Lead in" system text to it's default position and added a spacer to that measure to create a little more vertical space between it and the system above it.

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