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• Jun 30, 2021 - 17:56

If you enter the notes of a chord they will be highlighted on the virtual piano keyboard, not so for the chord symbols. Is there a feature request?
(Because if there is I have not found it)


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Thanks for your attention, the request is not directly mine but from a user on the it side.
This is what I see when I listen to a chord whose notes are present in the staff.


Not so for the simple Chord Symbols. The request then would be to click on the Chord Symbol and display the corresponding notes on the virtual keyboard


Sorry if I explained it poorly.

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What you need to explain is what notes you expect to see on the keyboard, when a chord symbol is selected. Or at least, for what purpose you (or your IT friend) would use this information.

You can start by saying what notes you expect when you see a Cm7

And then go on to say what you want to see for a C13

Here is a link to a good introduction to how chord symbols are handled in jazz. That is, how they are "voiced". The first thing to observe is that there is not just one way to play a chord.

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