Importing Finale drumline to MuseScore

• Jul 22, 2021 - 01:59

So I am looking to re-write my current school's battery percussion parts which have been written in Finale. I was able to export them as .mxl files, and important via MuseScore to some success. The parts have imported fairly well, with missing buzz notation and rim shot notation. My only issue is I would like to use the MDL plugin for Playback and editing. I am not sure how I can easily keep the same note placement/look while allowing a different playback sound. If I simply try to change instrument, each note type gets changed to a different notehead and staff placement, specifically in the bass and tenors parts. Is there an efficient way to do this?


I believe MDL does not follow the General MIDI Drums mapping, meaning that the same "pitch" will indeed result in a different drum sound between them.

The fastest remapping I know of is to right click (Ctrl-click on Mac) a note and use "Select > More" to select all of those within the staff that have the same pitch. You should then be able to use the up/down-arrow keys to make those notes cycle between the notes defined in "Edit Drumset".
Once you've cycled them to their correct sounds, you might still have to Edit Drumset to change the appearance to your liking.

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