XML doesn't execute the "play repeats" command

• Jul 27, 2021 - 14:37

Hey everybody,
at the moment a friend and myself are writing music in MuseScore for an app project.
Our developer can only implement XML files (the old uncompressed ones *.xml) into the app so we have to export all the written charts into XML files. For playback reasons it's really important that the XML file executes exactly what we put into MuseScore (repetitions, voltas, D.C., D.S.) etc. Most of the stuff works perfectly fine but there is one problem:
In one tune i wrote a "D.C. al Coda". After the "D.C." theres a repetition that should be executed before jumping to the coda. This work's fine inside MuseScore because i klicked the "play repetitions" box directly in the settings for the D.C. al Coda. The problem: The XML file doesn't execute that command. It jumps directly to the Coda without the repetition. Is there any way to go around that or will that soon be implemented into the XML exporter of MuseScore?
Thanks for your help!
Fabio & Samuel

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One option would be to use the Tools > Unroll Repeats command. This creates a version of the score with all repeats written out in full. There may be some touch-up required to make sure everything is in place, but the resulting file should export to XML without a problem.

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