Set natural guitar harmonics in tablature staff?

• Aug 5, 2021 - 19:16

Hi, I looked up some older threads but I'm still unclear on how to accomplish this. I have a piece with several natural harmonics and need to notate them at the correct pitches with diamond noteheads and the correct fret numbers. I know how to notate the notes and change the noteheads to diamond heads but I don't know how to get the tablature to indicate the correct fret since the pitches are not the in the same place as regularly fretted notes. It might also be nice to be able to put brackets in the tablature like so: <7> but I'm not sure how to accomplish this either. Many thanks.


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Thanks for your reply. I will read more.

I wonder if I can create a staff that will generate the correct frets in tab (but not the correct sounds) and the hide that staff? I really don't care about musescore playing the file so much as being able to show the correct notation.

EDIT: This was successful though I still haven't figured out how to put <> around tab numbers.

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For the brackets add a staff text, insert the unicode symbols alt+0139 and alt+0155 and adjust font size and offset of the staff text in the inspector, see also this comment: Maybe it make sense to add a staff text for each element separately, so that you can adjust the offset for each element individually.

Btw.: I didn't check it, but a workaraound for a correct playback probably would be, to add also the sounding pitch and make it invisible, and to deactivate for the visible pitch the playback (all that with the inspector). At least this is the workaround for a standard staff notation with MuseScore.

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