how to set 2-screen display, so all MS files open with the same display setup

• Aug 9, 2021 - 00:40

I have 2 monitors, on WIn 10, and it works just fine. But what I would like is to find a way so that any file opens with the following monitor display - see attached photo.

I have the larger monitor (which is the top one) showing the Musescore main window, with play panel docked on the right edge, and the palette window docked on left edge
I have the inspector, the mixer and the Master palette on the second monitor.

I would like, every time I open a file, or even create a new one,(but I guess that might be a separate issue) for that setup to happen automatically.
I apologize, because I am fairly new to music notation software, as well as not what you call a computer expert by any means - but I do like this program enormously, and would like to make it more user-friendly.
Thank you
Rod Woodhouse

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I also use a dual monitor setup, using virtually the same layout as you do, sans the piano keyboard. (MS 3.6.2 Win10)
MS should remember the state of your last session. Every time I open the program it places the panels in exactly the same position as they were when the app was closed. The only thing that might interfere with this is if I disconnected the second monitor between sessions. I'd be interested in knowing what you see when you start the program.

[EDIT] One thought... I have my system set to Edit > Preferences > General "continue last session". Perhaps this may have some effect on the position of panels on startup.

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Thank you. I have to admit that I had only thought of this today, while working on several scores, and I had not actually closed any of the MScore files at any stage. So, being a relative newbie to the program, I had not thought of this.
Yes, now I have closed those files, and when I open any file (indeed if I set up a new score), the display settings work as you say - MScore keeps the settings.
And yes, it keeps the settings if you disconnect and reconnect the second monitor
Thank you

You wrote:
I have the inspector, the mixer and the Master palette on the second monitor.

With the Inspector and the Mixer dragged to the second monitor does not MuseScore restart with the same arrangement after you close it? (Assuming both monitors are turned on.)
The Master palette can be re-activated by pressing the letter 'Z'. (Do you need it that often? You can add frequently used items from there to the regular palettes.)

This leaves the Play Panel...
If you go to Edit -> Preferences, on the General tab you can place a checkmark in the 'Show play panel' box. This will open it automatically upon re-starting MuseScore.

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Thank you to you and Toffle. I've got it all sorted now. I have always known how complex and usable this program is, and I am learning all the time. Yes I knew about Z, but I have never used it - can't remember everything..... so I tend to have all those windows open because I have the space.
Thank you both

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