Capo chords

• Oct 30, 2009 - 19:21

Does MuseScore provide a facility for entering capo chords for guitar?

I've been putting in chords with two lines, like this:

C        Am7
(A)      (F#m7)

which seems to work reasonably, except that it confuses MuseScore's automatic chord recognition. For example, if I enter a slash chord then when I press space, the capo chord gets deleted. Also, if I enter a 'b' for a flat, the capo chord again gets lost.

Is there a better way?


If you don't care about the parenthesis, you could enter the chords in two boxes.
select a note head
Ctrl + K for the fitst chord
Click again on the notehead
Ctrl + K for the second chord

If you use parenthesis, the chord will not be recognized and so no good flat/ sharp, no export in MusicXML, no transposition

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