Function to sound all notes at the selected point, to support creating harmony by ear

• Sep 15, 2021 - 14:20

would it be possible to add a function, that would sound all the existing notes at a point, so that I can hear how it sounds all together?

Many thanks


This or something similar has been suggested before - here for example, #293358: Step-wise playback. One issue that needs to be resolved is how to deal with notes played on a piano (for example) that are mid decay at the point where playback is activated. The issue is further complicated by notes whose playback duration extends beyond the written duration because of pedalling. You may want to hear a quarter note written on beat one that is sustained by a pedal when your "selected point" is beat three.

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In fact it lacks most of what you want. It will only play notes that start at the point you select. You will not be able to hear the harmonies created by the interaction with notes that started earlier. Try this little example I cobbled together and try selecting any of the notes on 2nd 3rd or 4th beats of the final bar. You will not hear the full harmonies.


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