Header/footer material on page 1 only

• Sep 24, 2021 - 17:20

We may often want to place some material, in the vein of a footer (or even header), on page 1 only of a multi-page score . Perhaps I want to place there:

Transcribed by Douglas A. Kerr from a MIDI sequence by David Siu, M.D.

I would not want that to appear on every page, or on every odd page.

At present, if the score has more than 2 pages, we can only make materiel appear only on page 1 if the material is solely the copyright notice entered in Score Properties:Copyright and included in the footer by reference by way of the token '$C'.

It would be nice if we had a generalized way to arrange for footer (and I suppose header) material, including material entered as a literal, to only be rendered on page 1.



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