Custom MIDI Events Existing in the Output MIDI File

• Sep 28, 2021 - 22:25

I am developing a program that handles midi files.
Most types of MIDI events have been dealt with, but MIDI files output from musescore are having difficulties due to custom events.
For example, a MIDI event of type 255 is interpreted as a track name (string) with a metatype of 3, and tempo (integer) with a metatype of 81.
However, in the file output from musescore, there are events of type 255 and metatype 127. If I treat it as an integer or string and read it, I get a very strange value.
Is there any public information about these custom events? Or is it a trade secret from musescore?
Thank you in advance!


I just found out that musescore is an open source program. I'm already looking for the answer inside the code. I want to delete this post, but I don't know where the menu is. If anyone who is curious about a similar part leaves a question on this post, I will answer it wholeheartedly.

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It's a discord bot that turns mid files into play items in the game. When players write sheet music code and play it within the game, they are converted into MIDI events that other players can listen to. It is even possible for players to ensemble with different instruments. However, there aren't many useful tools for writing sheet music code, so performing in-game was considered a great effort. I wish there was more music playing in the games I play. Currently, my program is in beta testing, and fortunately, it has good reviews from many players. The remaining tasks are handling the custom events mentioned in the text, triplet recognition (musescore is awesome!), load balancing, and more. If anyone is interested in something similar, please leave a question.

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