PDF translation

• Oct 16, 2021 - 17:23

Hi, I'm new to MuseScore pro and have just tried the PDF translation. Does the development team collect feedback from these events automatically, or do you want feedback from users?
The translation in my case is from a JPEG converted to PDF.
Translation is pretty good but it has lost some dots from dotted crotchets, a 7 bar rest, a couple of hairpins and 8 bars of music from the last but one line.
For a one off, no big deal to correct.
I am looking for a way of quickly digitising orchestral scores into my orchestras library


If that is all you lost, you are doing quite well.

Optical music recognition is far trickier and less well developed than OCR on text. MuseScore's pdf conversion uses an app called Audiveris but with default settings. Other users have had better results by downloading the Audiveris app and playing with the settings.

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