import from mp file

• Oct 18, 2021 - 08:50

I have a mp3 file of a piece that I wrote several years ago, and would like to have the parts written out but I can not find a way to import a sound file into musescore to put the notes on the page. I understand that this might not exist currently but would it be possible to make this happen in some way?


Analyzing sound waves and extract some form of MIDI/notation out of it is not within the scope of the MuseScore project.
For clean single-instrument recordings AnthemScore seems to do a decent enough point to give you something to look at/start from. But for multi-part scores there's likely no way that the result would be usable.

If you bake an omelet using three different eggs, it is very hard to then reconstruct the original eggs again looking only at the omelette.

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