Natural in a pair of notes joined by a beam

• Oct 20, 2021 - 17:49

A piece in D. I plant a C natural and the software adds a sharp symbol to the following C if they are joined by a beam. Can this be overidden? Or is this a convention?


That seems right to me. You start with two C#s (because of the key signature) and neither of them has accidentals. Then you change the first note to a C nat. That natural accidental would apply throughout the measure unless another accidental changes it. As you haven't changed the pitch of the second C#, MuseScore correctly shows the # accidental. If you want both notes to be C natural you need to change the pitch of both of them.

If I have misunderstood your problem, please attach your score so that we can understand better.

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Ah, OK. It seems the problem is my understanding of music (still a newbie). I knew an accidental modifying a natural remained for the whole measure, but I didn't know it applied also to modifying notes sharped or flatted by the key. Every day's a schoolday. Thanks. I'm now wondering if the original author was as clueless as me though. I shall have to ask. Amazed by the speed of response here :-)

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